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Table 5 Selected descriptive characteristics of case facilities

From: Exploring perceived effects from loss of PEPFAR support for outreach in Kenya and Uganda

Facility # County/District Facility Type* Ownership Facility Investment Category
 1 Garissa Provincial Hospital Government CS
 2 Isiolo District Hospital Government CS
 3 Mandera District Hospital Government CS
 4 Marsabit Dispensary Private-not-for-profit CS
 5 Tana River Health Center Government CS
 6 Embu Health Center Government Maintenance
 7 Bulambuli Health Center Government CS
 8 Pader Health Center Government CS
 9 Luuka Health Center Government CS
 10 Kampala Clinic Private for profit CS
 11 Amuru Health Center Private-not-for-profit Maintenance
 12 Kampala Hospital Government CS
 13 Budadiria Health Center Government Inconsistent
  1. aIn Uganda, a 7th facility was added after it was found that Budadiri Health Center did not undergo GP, but instead experienced similar effects to transition due to gaps between IP support