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Table 4 Study methodology and link to assessing outreach services

From: Exploring perceived effects from loss of PEPFAR support for outreach in Kenya and Uganda

Methodology Sub-component relevant to outreach
Documentation of implementation
1. Document Review
2. KIIs with USG, Ministry of Health (MOH), civil society, and implementing partners (IPs) (2 rounds)
Identification of the specifics and consequences of loss of outreach. KIIs used to triangulate findings from case studies.
Facility Surveyb
3. Facility surveys
4. Collection of routine health information system data
Data from the facility survey identified that outreach related services had been affected during the time period of interesta
Longitudinal facility case studies
5. In-depth interviews with facility in-charges, district/county-level officials, IP program officers, and focus group discussions with clients (2 rounds)
Facility-level case studies providing local perspectives from the facility and SNU on changes in outreach
  1. aDue to the cross-sectional nature of the facility survey, those data are not explored in detail here.
  2. bFor methods related to the facility survey, please refer to [Author Name Blinded] et al. [35] and [Author Name Blinded] et al. [33]