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Table 3 Timeline of key GP events in Kenya and Uganda

From: Exploring perceived effects from loss of PEPFAR support for outreach in Kenya and Uganda

Year Kenya [33] Uganda [34]
2015 • Introduction of GP to national stakeholders/government agencies in Kenya in October
• Initiation of PEPAR GP planning process between October – December
• USAID informs IPs, who in turn inform counties
• Introduction of GP to national stakeholders/government agencies in Uganda
• Initiation of support withdrawal and simultaneous initiation of rationalization process
• Significant numbers of private providers (and some public) have support withdrawn
2016 • Cessation of support begins in January for all CS counties
• Completion of GP process by August/September
• Relatively few facilities experiencing withdrawal of support
2017 • Limited support reinitiated to six of seven counties with focus on high volume facilities for six months starting in May • Significant numbers of facilities in CS districts have support withdrawn in-line with IP contracts ending
Round 1 of study data collection (May–June)
Round 2 of study data collection (November)
2018 • Withdrawal of short-term support, completing GP process • Completion of GP process in September