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Table 2 Overview of Uganda CS districts

From: Exploring perceived effects from loss of PEPFAR support for outreach in Kenya and Uganda

Uganda Overview
90–90-90 Estimates: 84, 87, 88% (2015–18) [20]
CS Districts (out of 112+ total districts): Abim, Amudat, Bulambuli, Kaabong, Kapchorwa, Kween, Luuka, Nakapiripirit, Napak, and Pader
Geographic Region: North east/east
Total number of facilities transitioned to CS: 734 [30]
Other sites: 566 “low-volume” facilities across the country [31]
CS District-Level HIV Prevalence Estimates (2014): 2.6–10.7% [32]
Proportion of overall HIV budget funded by PEPFAR (2014): 55% [33]
Other context: Historically, funding from PEPFAR in this region has been low, and a number of these districts had been recently established at the time of GP, resulting in very young governments and health systems. (e.g. Luuka and Bulambuli)