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Table 1 Summary of Themes with Illustrative Quotes

From: How does the British Soft Drink Association respond to media research reporting on the health consequences of sugary drinks?

Theme Frequency Illustrative Quote
Challenging scientific rigour and issues of causation versus correlation 150 “‘This is a health campaign statement masquerading as an academic study as even the authors accept no definitive conclusions can be drawn about cause and effect”
Altruistic public health partner 52 “We all have a role to play in helping to tackle obesity, and we hope our actions on sugar reduction, portion size, and promotion of low and no-calorie products set an example for the wider food sector.”
Concepts of safety 47 “The World Cancer Research Fund found no evidence that 100% fruit juice is carcinogenic and maintain that a daily 150 ml glass ‘can be part of a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle’ and contribute to the 5-a-day fruit and vegetable target.”
Consumer responsibility & lifestyle 61 “Rather than singling out a particular product, we should be encouraging people to enjoy an active lifestyle.”