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Table 1 SWOT matrix of medicinal cannabis market and foreign investment strategy in Jamaica

From: Foreign investment in emerging legal medicinal cannabis markets: the Jamaica case study

Strengths Weaknesses
- Jamaica’s cultural reputation
- Genetic diversity of cannabis strains adapted to the local climate
- Indigenous knowledge of cannabis cultivation
- Underfunded research and development (R&D) infrastructure
- Lack of access to loans for domestic investors (due to banking arrangements with the US banks)
- High cost of energy and security expenses
Opportunities Threats
- Inflow of economic capital
- Access to export markets
- New legal employment sectors
- Professionalisation of local sector via transfer of know-how and technology
- Risks of political interference
- Social justice objectives of the reform (i.e., transitioning of illegal farmers to the legal sector) not prioritised
- Pressure on local operators to adopt technologies considered unnecessary to Jamaican context
- Investment focused only on the efficiency of production, lack of investment in research and development (R&D)