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Table 1 Descriptive statistical results of demographic characteristics

From: The impact of sharing physical activity experience on social network sites on residents’ social connectedness:a cross-sectional survey during COVID-19 social quarantine

Variable Mean or percentage (standard deviation)
 Male 55.0%
Household income
 Annual income below 100,000 39.8%
 Annual income of 100,000-200,000 34.6%
 Annual income above 200,000 25.7%
Marital status
 Unmarried 61.3%
Employment status
 Employed 74.6%
 High (below 30 years old) 55.9%
Education level
 Junior college and below 33.5%
 Bachelor’s degree 34.3%
 Postgraduate and above 32.2%
 Standard body shape (18.5–23.9) 75.9%
Home ownership
 Yes 87.0%
  1. Note: According to the original data collected before, the dividing line on 30 years old happened to evenly divide samples, where the age data presented normal distribution. Age was set as virtual variable, which was easy to conduct multiple stepwise regression analysis later