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Table 3 Quality of studies using the quality assessment of the NIH for cohort and cross-sectional studies

From: Effectiveness of wastewater treatment systems in removing microbial agents: a systematic review

Author/Year/ RefQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8Q9Q10Q11Q12Q13Q14
Hashemi et al., 2010 [28]NANANANA
Banejad et al., 2010 [29]NANANANA
Derayat et al., 2011 [30]NANANANA
Baghapour et al., 2013 [31]NANA×NANA
Safari et al., 2013 [32]NANA×NANA
Navidjouy et al., 2014 [33]NANA×NANA
Karimi et al., 2014 [34]NANA×NANA
Aslani et al., 2014 [35]NANA×NANA
Jamshidi et al., 2014 [36]NANA×NANA
Nahavandi et al., 2015 [37]NANA×NANA
Ghoreishi et al., 2016 [38]NANA×NANA
Mollaie Tavani et al., 2017 [39]NANA×NANA
Sasani et al., 2017 [40]NANANANANA
Choopan et al., 2018 [41]NANANANA
  1. *Cases that were followed in the articles were marked and those that were not followed were marked×. Items that were not executable were also identified by the word “NA” not applicable