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Table 1 Search terms

From: Government policy and agricultural production: a scoping review to inform research and policy on healthy agricultural commodities

Search Terms
(evaluat* OR assess* OR analy*)
(government OR polic* OR “non-governmental organization” OR ngo OR “government program*”)
(agricultur* OR farm*)
Farmer Behavior: (“crop diversification” OR “crop alternative*” OR “crop substitut*” OR “crop change” OR “off-farm migrat*” OR “off-farm labor migrat*” OR “occupational migrat*” OR “labor migrat*” OR “farm* deci*”) OR
Policy Categories: (subsid* OR “price support*” OR “input support*” OR “tax concession*” OR quota* OR tariff* OR “import control*” OR “crop control*” OR “credit support*” OR “price control*” OR “export support*”)