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Table 2 Information management - scientific events with the participation of the food industry in 2019 in Chile (non-exhaustive)

From: Food industry political practices in Chile: “the economy has always been the main concern”

Event Food industry actor Nature of the participation for the food industry Code from Additional file 3
X Chilean Congress of Clinical Nutrition, Obesity and Metabolism, III Congress of Paediatric Clinical Nutrition Nestlé Sponsor A86
ILSI SurAndino IV Conference on Nutrition and Dietetics: “Nutrition and evidence-based nutrition: implications in cancer” ILSI Organiser A69
Research Conference on Nutrition and Food ILSI Organiser A72
Series of lectures for the students in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Universidad Santo Tomás and Universidad SEK ILSI Organiser A76–8
Updates in Clinical Nutrition at the Clínica Alemana Temuco Nestlé Sponsor A83
IV Course of Nutritionists up to date at Clinica Las Condes, organized by the Clinica Las Condes, and the Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile Nestlé Sponsor A84
8th Celiac Disease Symposium, organised by INTA and COACEL (Celiac Support Corporation) PF Alimentos Participant A124
3rd version “Dairy, nutrition and health course: What does the scientific evidence tell us?” at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile Consorcio Lechero (which includes Nestlé and Soprole) Organiser A127