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Table 1 Coalition management strategy - community initiatives of the food industry in Chile in 2019 (non-exhaustive)

From: Food industry political practices in Chile: “the economy has always been the main concern”

Food industry actor Initiative Nature of the event and targeted population Partner, when applicable Interviewee or code from Additional file 3
Carozzi Carozzi Kids Challenge Physical activity, children   A11
Visit of a factory for students in secondary schools and universities “that allow them to know (…) the preparation of products such as our Cereal Bar. They also face a scanner that indicates which portions should be consumed during the day as well as participating in sports letter soups.” Nutrition, students in secondary schools and universities The Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA) prepared a talk on healthy eating and active lifestyle A18
Chile Alimentos Chile Crece Sano (Chile Grows Healthy) Nutrition, general public   A24
Coca-Cola Visit of a factory (including the production line) for students Sustainability, students   A43, A47
Foundation “Fútbol Más” in schools Physical activity, children   A48
Family run, with the distribution of plastic bottles and education on how to recycle Physical activity and sustainability, families   A49
A discussion about women in society Gender, women Presence of Members of Parliament and officials of the Ministry of Sciences A46
Two days of trekking and education on sustainability for university students Students in universities The charity Nature Conservancy A56
A campaign for protecting the environment Sustainability, general public Ministry of Environment Interview, member of the government
Fundación Arcos (sweets) Schools on the move Physical activity, students   Interview, member of the government
Mc Donald’s Campaign Big Mac heart Support for children in hospitals Coanil Foundation and the Ronald McDonald Foundation for Children A64
Nestlé Local Development Fund, Henri Nestlé Award 2019 Sustainability and nutrition, general public Targeted at “community organisations (…) from the municipalities where Nestlé Chile operates through its factories A89
Programme Nestlé Niños Saludables Nutrition, children All the contents are gathered in a Didactic Guide for the Teacher, sponsored by the Ministry of Education.
The Nestlé Healthy Children program is sponsored by three important institutions, which jointly reviewed and validated the contents of this Guide: INTA, Fundación 5 al Día and the Chilean Society of Nutrition (SOCHINUT).
PepsiCo Donation of sports kits for students Physical activity, students Ministry of Sport and famous athletes A116
Training sessions for teachers and parents, workshops for children and the delivery of sports equipment Nutrition and physical activity, children, teachers & parents   A118
Live Healthy Workshops Nutrition and physical activity, general public   A120
Programme “Let’s play with our children” Leisure, children Universidad Católica de Chile A121
Not stated N/A UChile, FAO, the government of Chile, the programme “Elige Vivir Sano” A123