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Table 1 List of industry actors included in our analysis

From: “The architecture of the state was transformed in favour of the interests of companies”: corporate political activity of the food industry in Colombia

Food industry actor Headquarter Main activity in the food and beverage sector
Coca Cola Atlanta, USA Beverage manufacturer
Danone/Alqueria Cajicá, Colombia Food and beverage manufacturer
Ferrero Alba, Italy Food manufacturer
General Mills Minneapolis, USA Food manufacturer
Grupo Bimbo Mexico City, Mexico Food manufacturer
Kellogg Battle Creek, USA Food manufacturer
Mars McLean, USA Food manufacturer
McDonald’s Chicago, USA Fast-food restaurant
Mondelez Deerfield, USA Food manufacturer
Nestlé Vevey, Switzerland Food and beverage manufacturer
PepsiCo Purchase (New York), USA Beverage manufacturer
Unilever London, UK Food manufacturer
Alpina Sopó, Colombia Beverage manufacturer
Colanta Medellín, Colombia Beverage manufacturer
Grupo Nutresa Medellín, Colombia Food and beverage manufacturer
Postobón Medellín, Colombia Beverage manufacturer
Grupo Éxito Envigado, Colombia Retailer
Asociación Colombiana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos (ACTA) Bogotá, Colombia Professional association in food and technology
Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia (ANDI) Bogotá, Colombia Trade association
ILSI Nor-Andino Bogotá, Colombia Research institution funded by the food and beverage industry