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Table 1 GDAR Network Work Packages

From: The global diet and activity research (GDAR) network: a global public health partnership to address upstream NCD risk factors in urban low and middle-income contexts

Work Packages (WP) Details
WP1a: Evidence synthesis WP1a: Systematic reviews on a) factors associated with (active) travel behaviour; and b) the use of social and community networks for physical activity in Africa and the Caribbean
WP1b: Assessing data availability WP1b: Assessing availability of data on transport behaviours and road traffic injury patterns to inform development of models of the health impact of transport policies in Africa
WP2: Adolescent levers Adolescent levers for diet and physical activity intervention across socio-ecological levels in 4 low and middle-income countries
WP3: Policy analysis A multi-level (global, regional, national, sub-national) intersectoral policy space and content analysis of policies that influence food and activity built environments: Implications for low and middle-income countries in Africa and the Caribbean
WP4: Natural experimental studies WP4a: Impact of a new hypermarket on food purchasing and dietary behaviours in Kisumu, Kenya
WP4b: Evaluating implementation of a voluntary pledge to remove advertisement of sugar-sweetened beverages around schools in Johannesburg, South Africa