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Table 8 Summary of ways in which donors support CSOs and general themes

From: How donors support civil society as government accountability advocates: a review of strategies and implications for transition of donor funding in global health

Category of support Summary of ways in which donors support CSOs
What • Donors may support CSOs and individuals with technical and operational capacity building, or provide them with access to information to increase awareness and analysis capacity.
• Donors may work to ensure civil society is equipped to meaningfully participate in policy dialogue.
• Building social accountability and citizen empowerment is a strategy to equip citizens with the tools to exert oversight over decisionmakers.
• Donors may use their political capital to target the broader enabling environment in which CSOs operate.
How • Donors may provide catalytic of bridge funding to help CSOs address specific needs or seize an opportune moment.
• Funding may be provided through intermediaries to extend the reach of donor organizations, donors may participate in pooled funding mechanisms, or funding may be provided directly to CSOs.
• Core funding is seen as vital by CSOs, but is given less frequently than restricted funding.
• Burdensome reporting or application requirements are examples of improvements needed in donor funding practices called for by CSOs.
Who • Tensions exist around whether to support large established organizations versus smaller organizations, raising questions of whether those representing certain constituencies have a strong connection to those they represent.
• Donors may also support networks to reach a larger number of organizations at once.