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Table 3 Items, and validity assessments of perceived threat and coping efficacy

From: The psychological typhoon eye effect during the COVID-19 outbreak in China: the role of coping efficacy and perceived threat

Items loading VIFa
Perceived threat (Cronbach’s Alpha: 0.82, CRb:0.85, AVEc:0.51)
 “I think the COVID-19 epidemic in China is very serious” 0.77 1.85
 “I think the COVID-19 epidemic is very serious abroad” 0.74 2.32
 “I am concerned about the increase of imported COVID-19 cases” 0.73 2.10
 “I think I am very close to the epidemic in Wuhan” 0.80 1.35
 “I have a great deal of uncertainty about when the epidemic will end” 0.78 1.70
 “I continue to closely monitor the information released by the authorities” 0.35 1.23
Coping efficacy (Cronbach’s Alpha: 0.91, CR:0.94; AVE:0.78)
 “I think the COVID-19 epidemic will be effectively controlled” 0.88 2.61
 “I am optimistic about the situation of this epidemic” 0.88 2.61
 “I believe that I can effectively deal with the COVID-19 epidemic” 0.88 2.55
 “I believe we can effectively deal with the COVID-19 epidemic” 0.91 2.99
  1. aVIF: variance inflation factor
  2. bCR: composite reliability
  3. cAVE: average variance explained