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Table 6 Triangulated Themes

From: Sustainable support solutions for community-based rehabilitation workers in refugee camps: piloting telehealth acceptability and implementation

-Al Baqa’a Camp CBR Center has more skilled or better trained CBR Workers than other refugee camps, however the system is suitable for all camps due to its purpose to assist CBR workers in service delivery. -The telehealth system would be beneficial to provide additional assistance with guiding treatment sessions, minimizing the need for referral to specialists, and serving as an additional resource to support CBR workers to plan treatment sessions or home programs. -The telehealth system was easy to use. -To maintain this system, government support is necessary. -The iPad was difficult to manage while interacting with patients.
-Al Baqa’a Camp CBR Center has the appropriate skill, staff and infrastructure to support an online platform for telehealth. -Specialists are not always available; this system would provide the support of a specialist more immediately. -Having training for the telehealth system was beneficial and necessary. More training sessions will be necessary for continued use of the system. -Obtaining government support for use of telehealth should be easy to obtain once the benefit of the system is demonstrated and resources are provided. -Concern for stigma around disability may limit the use of telehealth in this setting.
-CBR workers may feel they are not specialized enough to manage a case and would like to connect with other healthcare professionals around the world to assist. -The telehealth system will have a great impact on workers and patients. -A system like this is essential, as we live in a world of technology. This system might decrease cost and time burden on clinicians. -Some initial assistance with providing wifi and technology is necessary to continue the use of this telehealth platform in refugee camp CBR Centers. -A system that has an Arabic language set-up or chatroom translator is necessary to improve the system.
-This telehealth system can be implemented in other CBR centers to support other CBR workers who would like additional support. -The telehealth system may help CBR workers assist their patients in reaching their goals more quickly, reduce time and effort spent on ineffective intervention. -CBR workers will feel more experienced and confident in using telehealth with increased use of the system. -We feel we would be able to continue use of the system within this setting with minimal complication. -The Wifi connection sometimes made use of the system difficult.