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Table 4 System Challenges and Resolutions

From: Sustainable support solutions for community-based rehabilitation workers in refugee camps: piloting telehealth acceptability and implementation

System Challenges Resolution
Scheduling a meeting via email or text on Zoom This section was removed from the training protocol. Calls were spontaneous or scheduled outside of Zoom via Whatsapp.
Wifi Connection Move to rooms nearest to the Wifi router. Run telehealth sessions exclusively in these rooms.
Management of the iPad and client, simultaneously, during session Purchase of iPad kickstand or leaning the iPad against an appropriate set-up.
Asking the parent to hold the iPad to focus on the child and therapist while they work together.
Ensuring the availability of appropriate iPad set-up prior to future sessions.
Language barrier Utilization of an on-site translator (CBR worker) and research team members fluent in Arabic and English
Video time-outs Waiting a few moments for video to resume, ending and initiating the call again, moving nearer to the router.
Zoom interface not in Arabic Picture intensive training manual guide was provided for the training session and for future use.
Differences in user technological competence Additional training as necessary