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Table 3 Telehealth Session Topics

From: Sustainable support solutions for community-based rehabilitation workers in refugee camps: piloting telehealth acceptability and implementation

CBR Worker ID CBRW1b,c CBRW2a,b CBRW3b,c CBRW4b,c CBRW5a,b
Session Topic -Recommendation and demonstration of musculoskeletal stretches
-Instruction for preparatory methods to therapeutic intervention
-Education to parents and caregiver training
-Developmental Delay
-Fine motor strengthening exercises
-Fine motor activities to improve precision and coordination for age-appropriate Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
-Expressive and Receptive communication delay
-Visual motor coordination
-Behavioral attention
-Recommendations for flat foot
-Weakness with lower extremities
-Gross motor movement delay
-Social-emotional learning
-Improving dynamic standing balance to engage in ADLs and play
-Tactile and verbal cues to address drooling
-Sensory Integration
-Food aversion
-Improve language comprehension
-Learning difficulties
-Parental education and training
-Considerations for working with clients with hearing impairments
-Age-appropriate ADL performance Cognitive skills including memory and attention
-Management of impulsive behaviors
  1. aAssistance required BEFORE client intervention
  2. bAssistance required DURING client intervention
  3. cAssistance required AFTER client intervention