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Table 2 Recommended strategies for the EBPM Guidance to promote the use of evidence in policymaking for West Africa

From: Promoting the use of evidence in health policymaking in the ECOWAS region: the development and contextualization of an evidence-based policymaking guidance

1. Properly define/refine the policy problem, state policy questions
2. Identify and review existing similar policies
3. Review contextual issues (contextualization)
4. Initiate policy priority setting
5. Consider political acceptability of the policy
6. Access, retrieve, assess, and synthesis evidence
7. Commission research/engage researchers/ co-produce evidence and policy/ use rapid response services
8. Perform stakeholders’ analysis & Convene stakeholders’ engagement event
9. Use of policy advisory/technical/steering committees
10 Develop policy briefs and undertake policy dialogue
11. Draft the policy document
12. Subject the policy document to internal and external review
13. Ensure official endorsement of the policy by government
14. Institute monitoring, evaluation and review mechanism for the policy