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Table 2 Description of CAPE-42 dimensions and reliability coefficients

From: Pseudoscientific beliefs and psychopathological risks increase after COVID-19 social quarantine

AB Complete denomination What do the CAPE-42 scales assess? Cronbach’s alpha
PD Positive Dimension Analyzes perceptual disturbances and hallucinations expressed in an attenuated and subclinical way (e.g., reading other people’s thoughts). 0.84**
ND Negative Dimension Analyze clinical symptoms related to difficulties in social and affective relationships (e.g., having the feeling that people do not understand you or difficulties expressing and sharing emotions with others). 0.78*
DD Depressive Dimension Analyze clinical symptoms related to sudden feelings of sadness and loneliness (this means, without apparent explanation) (e.g., feelings of hopelessness or lack of energy to carry out daily activities). 0.79*
  1. AB abbreviation of the scales’ denomination
  2. ** > 0.8 (reliability coefficients are excellent), * > 0.7 (reliability coefficients are good)