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Table 7 Top ten active authors in publishing the health- and infection-related literature (1980–2019)

From: Bibliometric analysis of peer-reviewed literature on climate change and human health with an emphasis on infectious diseases

Health-related Literature (N = 4247)
RankaAuthorFrequency%Country affiliation
 1stEbi, K.L.731.7United States
 2ndMcMichael, A.J.491.2United Kingdom
 3rdTong, S.411.0China
 4thHaines, A.390.9United Kingdom
 5thBi, P.370.9Australia
 6thPatz, J.A.290.7United States
 7thCampbell-Lendrum, D.250.6World Health Organization
 7thSemenza, J.C.250.6Sweden
 9thKinney, P.L.230.5United States
 9thRocklöv, J.230.5Sweden
Infection-related Literature (N = 1207)
 1stTong, S.211.7China
 1stBi, P.211.7Australia
 3rdLiu, Q.191.6China
 4thHu, W.141.2Australia
 4thSemenza, J.C.141.2Sweden
 6thPatz, J.A.131.1United States
 7thHay, S.I.110.9United States
 7thReiter, P.110.9France
 9thEbi, K.L.100.8United States
 9thHashizume, M.100.8Japan
 9thOgden, N.H.100.8Canada
 9thPascual, M.100.8United States
 9thRandolph, S.E.100.8United Kingdom
 9thSuk, J.E.100.8European CDC (Sweden)
 9thWeinstein, P.100.8Australia
  1. aIn ranking, two equally active authors were given similar ranks and one position in the rank was skipped
  2. Infection-related literature: documents on climate change and infectious diseases. Health-related literature: documents on climate change and health