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Table 6 Top ten active journals in publishing the health- and infection-related literature (1980–2019)

From: Bibliometric analysis of peer-reviewed literature on climate change and human health with an emphasis on infectious diseases

Health-related literature (N = 4247)
RankaJournalFrequency%C/DCountryJournal Rank
 1stInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1844.311.4SwitzerlandQ2
 2ndEnvironmental Health Perspectives1022.478.3United StatesQ1
 3rdLancet781.842.6United KingdomQ1
 4thBMJ Clinical Research Ed661.62.2United Kingdom
 5thClimatic Change571.331.4NetherlandsQ1
 6thParasites and Vectors561.324.9United KingdomQ1
 7thPlos One511.225.2United StatesQ1
 8thPlos Neglected Tropical Diseases461.134.7United StatesQ1
 9thAmerican Journal of Public Health441.050.3United StatesQ1
 10thGlobal Health Action400.925.5United KingdomQ1
Infection-related literature (1207)
 1stParasites And Vectors564.623.8United KingdomQ1
 2ndPlos Neglected Tropical Diseases473.932.3United StatesQ1
 3rdMalaria Journal403.327United KingdomQ1
 4thEpidemiology and Infection332.723.3United KingdomQ2
 5thPlos One322.730.2United StatesQ1
 6thInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health211.715.4SwitzerlandQ2
 7thAmerican Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene201.750.6United StatesQ1
 7thEnvironmental Health Perspectives201.7100.5United StatesQ1
 9thEmerging Infectious Diseases161.353.9United StatesQ1
 9thScience of the Total Environment161.328.1NetherlandsQ1
  1. aIn ranking, two equally active journals were given similar ranks and one position in the rank was skipped. C/D = number of citations per document. Q = Quartile
  2. Infection-related literature: documents on climate change and infectious diseases. Health-related literature: documents on climate change and health