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Table 5 Top ten active institutions/organizations in publishing health- and infection-related literature (1980–2019)

From: Bibliometric analysis of peer-reviewed literature on climate change and human health with an emphasis on infectious diseases

Health-related literature (N = 4247)
 1stAustralian National University12910.7Australia
 2ndLondon School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine12810.6UK
 3rdWorld Health Organization796.5WHO
 4thCenters for Disease Control and Prevention675.6USA
 5thQueensland University of Technology QUT605.0Australia
 5thUniversity of Oxford605.0UK
 7thUniversity of Washington, Seattle594.9USA
 8thUmea University574.7Sweden
 9thThe University of Adelaide564.6Australia
 10thColumbia University in the City of New York534.4USA
 10thUniversity of Queensland534.4Australia
Infection-related literature (N = 1207)
 1stLondon School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine322.7UK
 2ndQueensland University of Technology QUT312.6Australia
 3rdUniversity of Oxford302.5UK
 4thAustralian National University292.4Australia
 5thUniversity of Queensland242.0Australia
 5thChinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention242.0China
 7thThe University of Adelaide211.7Australia
 7thWorld Health Organization211.7WHO
 9thJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health191.6USA
 9thMonash University191.6Australia
  1. aIn ranking, two equally active institutions were given similar ranks and one position in the rank was skipped
  2. Infection-related literature: documents on climate change and infectious diseases; Health-related literature: documents on climate change and health