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Table 3 Contribution of each WHO regions to health- and infection-related literature (1980–2019)

From: Bibliometric analysis of peer-reviewed literature on climate change and human health with an emphasis on infectious diseases

Region based on World Health OrganizationHealth-related literatureInfection-related literature
N = 4247a
N = 1207a
Region of the Americas154836.447639.4
European Region162638.349741.2
Western Pacific Region91321.528123.3
South-East Asia Region2325.5756.2
African Region2536.01199.9
Eastern Mediterranean Region922.2312.6
  1. Infection-related documents: documents on climate change and infectious diseases
  2. Health-related documents: documents on climate change and health
  3. athe total percentage exceeded 100% due to overlap among different regions created by international research collaborations