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Table 1 AAR structure

From: West Nile virus in Europe: after action reviews of preparedness and response to the 2018 transmission season in Italy, Slovenia, Serbia and Greece

Macrophase Activities
Participant Identification - Recruitment of 2 or 3 team leaders per country involved in the AAR
- Recruitment of stakeholders coming from the different national institutions involved in the response to WNV18 season
Data Collection & Site visits - Desk Research/Preparatory activities
- Questionnaire design
- Plenary workshop for a first high level representation of the process
- In-depth interviews with all invited stakeholders to detail process representation
- Validation of the designed map with involved stakeholders
- Report detailing all strengths and improvement of the processes
AAR Quality Check & Feedback - Survey design to gather impressions and ideas of the proposed WNV methodology
- Analysis of the provided answers