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Table 2 Sociodemographic data of panels as part of BIA-Obesity Malaysia process of assessment

From: Benchmarking the transparency, comprehensiveness and specificity of population nutrition commitments of major food companies in Malaysia

Expert Panelb
Review Panelc
Age (years)  
 60 or above3
Education level  
Professional Background  
 Academia/ professionals4
 Non-government/ non-profit organisation1
 Government stakeholder213
Working Experience (years)  
 31 or above2
 Public affairs management (e.g. corporate, inter-agency collaboration including private sector)12
 Public health nutrition (e.g. nutrition promotion, food marketing, food labelling, food education programme evaluation)37
 National policy development (e.g. national nutrition plan, national food and nutrition policy, food regulations, obesity and/or NCDs prevention)45
 Food regulations and/or food safety auditing3
  1. Abbreviations: NCDs non-communicable diseases, PhD Doctor of Philosophy
  2. Notes:
  3. aMore than one field of expertise may be stated by the Expert or Review Panel.
  4. bSeven members of the Expert Panel (including an academic who refereed whenever the 'simple majority rule' failed) performed the assessment.
  5. cThe Review Panel comprised the Expert Panel and thirteen government stakeholders who formulated the recommendations. This column only presents the profile of the thirteen government stakeholders involved in the round table session