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Table 7 Proportion of times users of evidence made decisions based on research evidence

From: Building the capacity of users and producers of evidence in health policy and systems research for better control of endemic diseases in Nigeria: a situational analysis

VariablesEnugu (N = 21) Mean %Anambra (N = 25)
Mean %
Both (N = 46)
Mean %
Any type of evidence used in decision making50.26(19.62)58.550(20.68)2.237(0.071)54.51(20.35)
Evidence from HPSR used in decision making48.75(18.72)34.615(15.06)3.931(0.052)41.40(18.06)
Evidence used in programme design & implementation specifically58.235(16.00)50.882(21.08)2.155(0.055)54.56(18.80)