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Table 1 Types of power in global governance, with examples from health

From: Power in global governance: an expanded typology from global health

Type of powerExamples of actors wielding such powerHealth-related examples of uses of such power
PhysicalMilitaries, militia, mercenaries, peacekeeping forces, policeCordon sanitaire, quarantine
EconomicWealthy governments, firms, foundations, individualsShaping WHO priorities through funding
StructuralGovernments, traditional leadersGovernments levying taxes on tobacco sales
InstitutionalDepends on institution: often governments, increasingly also firms and NGOsCivil society delegation to Global Fund board voting on grantmaking policies
MoralReligious leaders, social movement leaders, moral authoritiesSpeech by Nelson Mandela on de-stigmatizing HIV
ExpertiseAcademics, scientists, lawyersEvidence on link between alcohol and cancer leading to changes in alcohol regulation
DiscursiveMedia, politicians, activists, public intellectualsContraception as sexual and reproductive right
NetworkAny well-networked individual or group of individualsGarnering invitations to prestigious committees or conference speaking roles