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Table 2 Inclusion & exclusion criteria

From: Financing intersectoral action for health: a systematic review of co-financing models

Inclusion criteria
• Studies describing a co-financing case (with or without an evaluation);
• Co-financing between any two sectors or sub-sectors (i.e. no sectoral restrictions);
• English language
Exclusion criteria
• Guidelines for how to implement co-financing;
• Articles with insufficient information to adequately identify a co-financing case;
• Commentaries or policy briefs mentioning co-financing (In these instances, primary studies were sourced);
• Purely commercial relationships such as those between public sector actors and private sector contractors (e.g. Private Finance Initiatives or Public-Private Partnerships are not co-financing because the private entity’s profit objective is not a final outcome, it is an intermediate objective that the contractual arrangement aims to align to the ultimate public objective or outcome measure).