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Table 1 Response capabilities [32]

From: Getting the most from after action reviews to improve global health security

Detection and assessment
• Surveillance & epidemiological monitoring
• Incident recognition
• Risk characterization
• Laboratory analysis
• Epidemiological investigation
• Environmental monitoring
Policy development, adaptation, and implementation
• For infection control and treatment guidance
• For population-based disease control
• Communicating between national and subnational authorities and enforcing laws and regulations
Health services
• Preventive services
• Medical surge
• Management of medical countermeasures, supplies & equipment
• Medical services for health care workers & emergency responders
Coordination and communication
• Crisis management
• Communication with healthcare providers
• Communication with emergency management, public safety, and other sectors
• Communication with other public health agencies at the global, European, national, and subnational levels
Emergency risk communication
• Address communication inequalities
• Generate dynamic listening and manage rumors
• Communicate risk in an accurate, transparent and timely manner
• Generate and maintain trust