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Table 5 Strategic Ignorance

From: Corporations’ use and misuse of evidence to influence health policy: a case study of sugar-sweetened beverage taxation

Text from Coca-Cola [70]
“Even by Treasury estimates, there will be very little impact, if any. Research cited by the Treasury in its policy paper finds that, in the central case, the proposed SSB tax will lower average energy consumption by only 36 kJ (8.6 Calories) per day (0.3%), equivalent to less than a quarter of an apple.”
Text from Mozaffarian, et al, 2011 [103]
“Average long-term weight gain in nonobese populations is gradual — in the cohorts we studied, about 0.8 lb. (36 g) per year — but accumulated over time, even modest increases in weight have implications for long-term adiposity-related metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer [104,105,106,107].”