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Table 2 National Health Research Systems sub-functions

From: Strengthening national health research systems in the WHO African Region – progress towards universal health coverage

Health research system barometer parameters
A. Governance of research for health
 1. Health research policy index (RHRPI)
 2. Health research law index (RHRLI)
 3. Strategic health research plan index (RSHRPI)
 4. Ethical review committee index (RERCI)
 5. Health research priority list index (RHRPLI)
 6. Health research focal point index (RHRFPI
B. Developing and sustaining resources for R4H
 7. Universities with faculties of health sciences/medicine (RUFHSI)
 8. Health research institutes or council (RHRCI)
 9. R4H programme (RHRPRI)
 10. R4H programme staff density index (RHRHRI)
 11. NGOs undertaking R4H index (RNGOI)
C. Producing and using research
 12. R4H programme action plan index (RHRPAI)
 13. Knowledge translation platform index (RKTPI)
 14. Health research management forum index (RHRMFI)
 15. R4H publications per 100,000 population index (RPPCI)
D. Financing of R4H
 16. Budget line for R4H index (RBLHRI)
 17. Government spending on R4H index (RHRBI)