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Table 2 Holdings of public and quasi-public institutional investors in Roche and Alexion Pharmaceuticals - companies whose drugs were denied reimbursement by health insurers in high-income countries due to high prices

From: Pension and state funds dominating biomedical R&D investment: fiduciary duty and public health

Fund Assets under management, USD million Holdings in Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (marketer of bevacizumab), USD million Holdings in Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (marketer of eculizumab), USD million Date
ABP (Netherlands; pension fund for employees in the government and education sectors) 498250 649 134 3/2018
Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board 238160 689 41 3/2017
British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (Canada) 101890 109 25 3/2017
New Zealand Superannuation Fund 27670 43 6 6/2017
Strathclyde Pension Fund (UK) 28230 6 12/2017
West Yorkshire Pension Fund (UK) 19500 43 3/2017
Swiss National Bank (Switzerland) 92585 (US equities only) 98 2/2018
European Central Bank (EU) 185140 9260 in health & life sciences corporate bonds in total, mostly Bayer, Merck (Germany), Novartis, Roche and Sanofi. Holdings per firm not disclosed. 4/2018
  1. Sources: [24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32]. Holdings of the pension funds are shown in roman font; holdings of the central banks - in italic font.