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Table 1 Description of variables and sources used in the study

From: Importance of the intellectual property system in attempting compulsory licensing of pharmaceuticals: a cross-sectional analysis

Variable Description Sources
CL attempted Binary variable for presence of attempted compulsory licensing occurring between 1995 and 2014 Son and Lee (2017), ‘t Hoen et al. (2018)
Region Dummy variable for location of the country
(Africa, Asia, Latin America, Others)
World Bank
Population Natural logarithm of the number of the population in 2014 World Bank
Income Natural logarithm of GNI per capita in 2014 World Bank
Polity Dummy variable for annual polity scores in 2014
(Autocracy, Anocracy, Democracy)
Polity IV country report
The PIPP index Annual index summarizing the presence, term, and strength of various types of patents that can be claimed for pharmaceutical innovations. Liu and Croix (2014)