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Table 2 Themes from Urban Liveability Workshop

From: What is the meaning of urban liveability for a city in a low-to-middle-income country? Contextualising liveability for Bangkok, Thailand

ThemeLiveability concepts discussed in the workshop
AmenityA safe environment
A high level of local amenity (neighbourhood access to services and employment)
EmploymentJob security
Opportunity to earn a fair wage
Equal opportunity
Work/life balance (being able to spend time with family and friends)
Local employment opportunities
Environmental managementHigh quality air
Zero waste
No flooding
Greater tree coverage to provide shade
Buildings with greater energy efficiency (green buildings)
Agile office practices – paperless and access to connected technology
FoodQuality food
Health and wellbeingHealthy population: both physically and mentally healthy
Opportunities for physical activity
HousingAffordable housing for all
Public open spaceAreas for passive recreation and physical activity
Green space, pocket parks
Social connectednessSense of community and social cohesion around neighbourhoods
Social infrastructureAccess to temples, museums, music and other cultural events that provide opportunities for people to come together
Multi-purpose local community centres
High quality education and schools
TransportReduced/no car congestion
Increased provision of transit-oriented developments
Connected public transport networks
Mass transit availability
  1. Themes from the Urban Liveability Workshop, which aimed to explore concepts of liveability relevant to Bangkok’s context. From Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Report 2017 [41]