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Table 1 Summary of key project characteristics

From: Applying the model of diffusion of innovations to understand facilitators for the implementation of maternal and neonatal health programmes in rural Uganda

Project characteristics MANEST MANIFEST
Budget $700,000 $2,000,000
Duration 3 years 3 years
Funding sources FHS/DFID – for implementation
WHO – for implementation
Comic Relief – for implementation
FHS/DFID for technical support
Study design Quasi-experimental design Quasi-experimental design + Participatory Action Research
Area of intervention 2 intervention health sub-districts
1 control health sub district
3 intervention health sub-districts
3 control health sub districts
Population 1.0 Million 1.07 Million
Model of diffusion Closed, replication, not scale-up Open, flexibility in design; but not scale-up per se