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Table 1 Relevant Features of Country Contexts (2017)

From: Inclusive engagement for health and development or ‘political theatre’: results from case studies examining mechanisms for country ownership in Global Fund processes in Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Component Malawi Tanzania Zimbabwe
Population [31] 18.6 million 57.3 million 16.5 million
Young age (0–14 years) dependency ratio (per 100 population 15–64 years) [31] 82.9 86.4 73.6
HDI rank [31] 171 154 156
Poverty (% with <US$1.90 PPP) [31] 71.4% 49.1% 21.4%a
Leading causes of death—all ages (in rank order) [32] HIV; lower respiratory infections; malaria; diarrheal diseases HIV; malaria; lower respiratory infections; diarrheal diseases HIV; lower respiratory infections; diarrheal diseases; TB.
Income status [33] Low Low Low
  1. aThere is some debate about the accuracy of this data. A clearer picture emerges when considering that of the 79.3% of the adult population that was employed in 2017 (including self-employment and unpaid domestic work), 74.8% earned US$3.10 PPP or less [31]