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Table 2 Frequency of authors’ participation in terms of research centers in articles published in the Iranian environmental health journals

From: The status of international collaborations in compilation of Iranian scientific articles on environmental health engineering

Country and City Research center Number
Iran Tehran Environmental Health Center 15
Occupational Health Research Center 3
Technology Incubation Centre 1
Ecology Centre 1
Pregnancy Health Centre 1
Tabriz Environmental Engineering Research Center 3
Ahvaz Environmental Health Center 3
Kerman Environmental Health Center 1
Zahedan Health Center 1
Boshehr Biotechnology Research Center 1
Kordestan Environmental Health Center 1
Shahrood Environmental Engineering Research Center 1
Azad university of Tehran Young Researchers Club 1
University of Tehran Environmental Biotechnology 1
Other countries India Centre for Environmental Studies 13
Coordinator of International Centre for 4
Ecological Engineering 2
Centre for Energy Studies 1
Desert Medicine Research Centre 1
Romania Modern Dental College & Research Center 5
The Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Researches on Territorial Dynamics 2
National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences 1
Switzerland Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation 4
Egypt Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute 4
Malaysia Environmental 3
America Engineering Research Centre 2
China Environmental 2
Japan Engineering Research Centre 1
Japan and Malaysia Center for Environmental Nanoscience and Risk 1
Australia Geology Center 1