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Table 1 Distribution of corresponding and first authors with environmental health engineering expertise in articles published in Iranian environmental health journals

From: The status of international collaborations in compilation of Iranian scientific articles on environmental health engineering

Type of article Frequency Environmental health authors
Articles in which the corresponding or first author was environmental health specialist (%) *First author (%) *Corresponding author (%)
Persian articles with only domestic authors 650 397 (61) 369 (56.7) 356 (54.7)
English articles with only domestic authors 626 247 (39.4) 225 (36) 238 (38)
articles in Persian or English with foreign authors 148 18 (12.1) 16 (10.8) 17 (11.5)
  1. *The inequality of the number and percentage of the corresponding and first authors is due to the fact that in some articles the first and corresponding authors were both specialized in environmental health