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Table 3 Recommendations for improved regulation of extractive industries

From: The health impacts of extractive industry transnational corporations: a study of Rio Tinto in Australia and Southern Africa

• Adopt clear government policy/guideline/legal framework on preventing, detecting and managing conflict of interest
• Develop an international agreement to ensure that all taxes are paid in country of profit generation
• Cease inequitable taxpayer funded extractive industry subsidies
• Restrict government lobbying undermining the democratic process
• Halt the erosion of employment conditions through contracting
• Mandate greater environmental controls including reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
• Counterbalance fiduciary duty to shareholders with social obligations to local communities
• Prevent the use of voluntary codes to undermine or prevent enactment of legislation
• Develop an independent auditing process to ensure that TNCs comply with their stated commitments
• Endorse the proposed UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights