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Table 1 Highlights from Umoja Strategic Plan 2011, and Status as of 2018 [39]

From: Stronger together: midwifery twinning between Tanzania and Canada

Strategic Objective Activities Status 2018
#1 Strengthen TAMA & Administrative Capacity Raise funds for Umoja Complete – project funding
Increase staff for each association TAMA: From 0 to 5
CAM: From 2 to 19
Increase membership of each association Both increased substantially.
#2 Strengthen TAMA & CAM’s ability to influence maternal newborn child health policy Strengthen each association through revised constitution and membership policy, and increase visibility of Umoja relationship Complete
Increase visibility of midwifery to policy makers in Canada and Tanzania Complete
Increase midwifery representation in different national and international fora Complete
#3: Strengthen midwives capacity to provide quality care in Tanzania and Canada Needs assessment on emergency skills Complete
Emergency skills trainings run by TAMA Complete
Emergency skills for rural and remote midwives in Tanzania and Canada Complete
#4: Facilitate collaboration on midwifery research, education and practice Develop twin pairs between Tanzania and Canada Complete (partial)
Identify areas of collaborative research Complete (partial)