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Table 4 Interventions received by the participants during the eight weeks of study

From: A feasibility study of a mobile phone supported family-centred ADL intervention, F@ce™, after stroke in Uganda

Number of participants who received services IG n = 13 Control n = 15
aSMSb for eight weeks 11 0
aSMSb for six weeks and paper scores for two weeks 2 0
aPhone calls from OTs for eight weeks twice a week 13 0
Physiotherapy during the study 8 11
No other rehabilitation during the study 5 4
Hand exercising balls 13 15
Measurement of blood pressure 13 15
Set targets according to COPMc 13 15
Received information about stroke and ADL independence 13 15
Assessed at baseline and follow-up 13 15
  1. aIncluded in F@ce intervention (IG)
  2. b SMS - Short Message Service (text message)
  3. cCOPM Canadian Occupational Performance Measure