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Table 3 Target activities in F@ce™ during the intervention

From: A feasibility study of a mobile phone supported family-centred ADL intervention, F@ce™, after stroke in Uganda

  Target 1 Target 2 Target 3
1 Dressing self Going to the toilet Communicating with others
2 Dusting windows Dressing self Bathing self
3 Bathing self Washing clothes Socialization
4 Walk to supermarket Bathing self Dressing self
5 Praying activity Washing clothes Sweeping
6 Reciting a rosary Washing clothes Gardening
7 Washing clothes Bathing self Singing common songs with sister
8 Dressing top part of the body Sorting beans or rice Grooming
9 Washing clothes Sorting beans and rice Visiting (walking to visit)
10 Peeling bananas Bathing self Washing clothes
11 Sorting beans outside the house Making a sign of cross in prayer using the right hand Feeding using the right hand
12 Feeding Sorting beans with affected hand Dressing self, using affected hand
13 Reciting the Rosary during spiritual prayer Feeding self Washing clothes