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Table 3 NCD-related health outcome and risk factor indicators used in quantitative studies

From: Analyzing the impacts of global trade and investment on non-communicable diseases and risk factors: a critical review of methodological approaches used in quantitative analyses

Category Indicator Number (%) of studies using as outcome variable
Health outcomes Life expectancy (total and/or by sex) 14 (41)
Adult mortality rate (probability of death between ages 15 and 60) 3 (9)
CVD mortality rate 1 (3)
Diabetes prevalence 1 (3)
NCD mortality rate 1 (3)
Proportion of deaths attributable to CVD 1 (3)
Over-nutrition Mean BMI (adults, total and/or by sex) 5 (15)
Obesity prevalence (total and/or by sex) 4 (12)
Overweight prevalence (total and/or by sex) 2 (6)
Diet SSB imports/sales per capita 3 (9)
Consumption per capita for selected food groups (e.g., animal proteins, sugars) 2 (6)
Average caloric intake 1 (3)
Consumption of ‘unhealthy’ foods (% of total spending/caloric intake) 1 (3)
Supply of caloric sweeteners per capita 1 (3)
Ultra-processed products sales per capita 1 (3)
Tobacco Cigarette consumption per capita 2 (6)
Tobacco sales per capita 1 (3)
Alcohol Alcohol sales per capita 1 (3)
  1. Counts and percentages do not sum to the total number of studies reviewed (100%) because some studies used multiple outcome indicators