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Table 2 Trade and investment indicators used in quantitative studies

From: Analyzing the impacts of global trade and investment on non-communicable diseases and risk factors: a critical review of methodological approaches used in quantitative analyses

Indicator Number (%) of studies using as explanatory variable
KOF Globalization Index (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) 9 (26)
FDI inflows/GDP (%) 8 (24)
Total trade (imports + exports)/GDP (%) 8 (24)
Entry into force of a specific agreement or SAP (indicator variable) 5 (15)
CSGR Globalisation Index (Univ. of Warwick) 2 (6)
Economic Freedom of the World Index (Fraser Institute) 2 (6)
Mean applied tariff rate 2 (6)
Average imports, weighted by partner countries’ infant mortality rates 1 (3)
Black market premium 1 (3)
Imported food/total food (%) 1 (3)
Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation/WSJ) 1 (3)
Index of service sector liberalization (World Bank) 1 (3)
Maastricht Globalisation Index (Univ. of Maastricht) 1 (3)
Sachs-Warner Index (indicator variable) 1 (3)
  1. Counts and percentages do not sum to the total number of studies reviewed (100%) because some studies used multiple explanatory indicators