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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Use of health services among international migrant children – a systematic review

For general health services use:
(“Health Services”[Mesh] OR “health care” OR “Health service use” OR “Health service utilization” OR “Health care use” OR “Healthcare use”
For specific health services use:
OR “Specialised health services” OR “Specialist” OR “Hospitalisation” OR “Emergency health services” OR “Mental health services” OR “Preventive health services” OR “health check-ups” OR “primary service” OR “dental care” OR “dental”)
(“Transients and Migrants”[Mesh] OR “Emigrants and immigrants”[Mesh] OR “Refugee” OR “Migration background” OR “Immigrant background” OR “Migrant” OR “Migrants” OR “Immigrant” OR “Immigrants” OR “Ethnic minority”)
(“Child”[Mesh] OR “Children” OR “Adolescent” OR “Adolescents” OR “Youth” OR “minor”)
(“cohort studies”[Mesh] OR “case-control studies”[mesh] OR “comparative study”[pt] OR “risk factors”[mesh] OR “cohort”[tw] OR “compared”[tw] OR “groups”[tw] OR “case control”[tw] OR “multivariate”[tw])