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Table 1 Description of Options A, B and B+ and level of evidence

From: UNICEF’s contribution to the adoption and implementation of option B+ for preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV: a policy analysis

Option Year of WHO guideline Regimen for woman Regimen for infant GRADE rating
Treatment (CD4 ≤ 350) Prophylaxis (CD4 > 350)
Option A 2010a ART Pregnancy: AZT Labour: single-dose NVP & AZT/3TC Postpartum: AZT/3TC 7 days NVP to 1 week after breastfeeding, or 4–6 weeks if not breastfeeding Strong recommendation Low-quality evidence
Option B 2010 & 2013 ART Pregnancy and labour: triple ARVs Postpartum until 1 week after breastfeeding NVP or AZT for 4–6 weeks 2010: Strong recommendation moderate evidence 2013: Conditional recommendation Low-quality evidence
Option B+ 2013 ART, regardless of CD4 count NVP or AZT for 4–6 weeks Conditional recommendation Low-quality evidence
  1. aOption B+ included as a research priority in these guidelines