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Table 2 Main Categories emerging from initial card sorting after the first four interviews

From: Global Health as “umbrella term” – a qualitative study among Global Health teachers in German medical education

(1) What is Global Health?
 a. Historical Background
 b. Definition
 c. Distinction from PH/IH/TM
(2) What belongs to GH?
 a. Meta-Aspects
 b. Overarching Goals
 c. Concrete Aspects
 d. International Electives*
(3) How can GH be taught?
 a. Target Group
 b. Didactics
 c. Form
(4) What is important for the future of GH?*
 a. GH Workforce
 b. GH Education in Germany
  1. Legend: Items marked with an asterisk have not been used for the analysis of the data for this paper