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Table 1 Some examples of MCH organizational brands used in case study projects in Nepal (and internationally)

From: New forms of development: branding innovative ideas and bidding for foreign aid in the maternal and child health service in Nepal

MCH organization Programme Branded ideas/interventions Scope
Care Nepal Strengthening Maternal Child and Reproductive Health (SAMMAN)- Case study Community Health Score Board (CHSB) National level programme (in 2016)
Consortium to run Suaahara Phase −1 in Nepal Suaahara Phase-1 – case study Multi-sector approach National level programme (in 2016)
Adventist Development Relief Agency (Japan) Strengthening Reproductive Health (SRH) – case study Hardware and Software Support National level programme (in 2016)
American Academy of Pediatrics Implementing partners globally Helping Babies Breathe and Helping Mothers Survive –Bleeding After Birth Global programme, implemented in Nepal too.
Currently the Government of Nepal Aama Surachays (evolved from safer motherhood programme) – case study Maternity Incentives and many other features National programme in Nepal and similar programmes are implemented in many low-income countries
Tuki SUAAHARA’s implementing partner A tool called MEAL – Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning District level implementing partner organization (in 2016)
  1. The aim of this table is to illustrate some of the organisations involved in the MCH sector in Nepal and indicate some of the innovative ideas and branded intervention packages they use. It does not provide a complete list