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Table 4 Top 10 ranking of highly productive institutions that most frequently published articles associated with the use of NRT in tobacco cessation worldwide

From: Estimates of global research productivity in using nicotine replacement therapy for tobacco cessation: a bibliometric study

SCRa Institutions No. of documents (%)
1st VA Medical Center, USA 68 (3.18)
2nd King’s College London, UK 67 (3.13)
3rd University of Pittsburgh, USA 65 (3.04)
4th University of California, San Francisco, USA 58 (2.71)
4th University of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA 58 (2.71)
6th University College London, UK 54 (2.53)
7th Mayo Clinic, USA 51 (2.39)
7th Pinney Associates, USA 51 (2.39)
9th University of Vermont, USA 42 (1.96)
10th University of Nottingham, UK 41 (1.92)
  1. SCR Standard Competition Ranking
  2. aEqual institutions have the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers